Content movement tools that allow organizations to more effectively manage their data are now our most popular products.  Replicator is our fastest growing product that continues to be adopted by companies and government entities in globally distributed environments.  This unique product was first developed in 2001 based on the requirements of an Australian engineering company and continues to be the most complete replication solution for Content Server in the world.

Our other Content Server content management products have been used across various industries and government organizations to manage data related to Content Server.  These tools are primarily used to move data in and out of Content Server.  A growing trend we have seen is the need to move data out of Content Server for use in other applications.  Organizations also use our Export tool to do complex data manipulation outside of Content Server and then put the modified data back into Content Server using our Import tool. Tools like SendLinks and Live-Mail provide alternative interface options that meet unique requirements of some organizations.

Content Management Modules

  • Upgrade AcceleratorPOPULAR - Over a number of years, Syntergy has developed a proven upgrade methodology which includes the use of the Syntergy's Upgrade Accelerator for OpenText Content Server software. This approach gives you the capability to perform upgrades directly from older versions of Livelink and Content Server to the latest releases in a Single Hop (no need to up "hop" through multiple version upgrades) with Zero Downtime.
  • Geo-ReplicatorPOPULAR - Take Content Server one step further with Replicator by intelligently distributing information in such a way that users on the global network have faster access to the most up-to-date version of documents.  Replicator works in low bandwidth environments which mean lower overall infrastructure cost.
  • DirectorPOPULAR – Director is a desktop application with an intuitive drag and drop user interface that focuses on data moving, metadata management, bulk operations (document export, import, copy, etc.), permissions management, and reporting. It was designed for End Users or Content Managers to connect to one or more OpenText Content Server instances to perform single or bulk operations such as export, import, copy and move of documents between local or network file systems and Content Server. Director helps simplify and improve the most common tasks in order to increase productivity and reduce labor costs.
  • Data ManagerPOPULAR - Supersedes Bulk Loader and Exporter tools. Allows you to manipulate huge amounts of data quickly and easily. From an intuitive single page user interface, you can import and export entire folder hierarchies and perform powerful data operations on thousands of objects in seconds.
  • AlwaysOn Content ServerPOPULAR - Allows you to implement solutions for Disaster Recovery (DR), High Availability (HA) and Continuity of Operations (COOP) for OpenText Content Server. These strategies can be deployed either “On-Premise” or “IaaS” based infrastructures such as OpenText Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS Content Server environments.
  • Bulk Loader - Load information quickly and accurately or allow for scheduled imports or administrator operated functions.
  • Bulk Exporter - Bulk Exporter provides the capability to extract Content Server content and metadata to hierarchical or flat directory structures. Extracted data can then be imported into other systems or modified and reloaded into Content Server with the Bulk Loader tool.
  • Content Mover - Assists with moving documents and gathering the required category and attribute information associated with the document quickly, accurately and inexpensively. With Content Mover you can selectively populate a new Content Server Instance with items from an existing Content Server Instance.
  • SendLink - SendLink enables users to include internal and external document view links as well as internal and external download links via email with personalized messages for each type of link. Access to SendLinks is through the Content Server object function menu.
  • Live-Mail - Save e-mails and attachments as Content Server documents. All corporate e-mail knowledge can be indexed and searched in Content ServerLive-Mail connects your favorite e-mail program with your knowledge management system. Users can archive information, search and retrieve corporate knowledge, participate in discussion threads and respond to workflow steps via e-mail.

Tips and Tricks

Current Tips and Tricks for Content Server can be found here.