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for OpenText Content Server

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Storage Provider - In OpenText Content Server, a “Storage Provider” is configured to store the file portion of the content which is mainly documents. Examples of storage providers are an Oracle or SQL database, a Windows file system or an Archive Server.

Hardware Refresh Challenge - Every 3-4 years IT is forced to perform a "full-stop“ to evaluate computing, storage and networking alternatives. Evaluating storage needs is actually worse! This is required more frequently. The demand for high performance and high capacity is growing faster than 3 year refresh cycles. Each refresh cycle tends to require re-structuring of data storage needs and migration of data and applications to new storage architectures. This process is also time consuming and potentially disruptive to the production systems.

Storage Provider Migrator seamlessly migrates content in your current Storage Provider to any Content Server Storage Provider(s) with no disruptions or downtime to your production Systems.

Use Cases

  • Restore content from Archiver Server to a standard External File System
  • Migrate content from a standard External File System to a 2 Tiered Storage Architecture such as EMC Centera or Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) to manage massive amounts of content or for compliance reasons.
  • Implement custom Storage architectures for Content Server.

Key Benefits

  • Re-Architect Storage Platform(s) seamlessly with no interruption
  • Apply rules to content movement
  • Throttle options to limit performance interference to online users
  • Auto-check provider use - check the number and size of versions currently stored on any provider for inventory purposes
  • Schedule Start and Run times to avoid performance hits in peak hours
  • Users continue to access old storage until ready to cutover avoiding downtime
  • Status Page with progress statistics and final status page
  • Support for all content providers created by 3rd Parties
Component Requirement
  • All standard browsers
  • Livelink Version 9.x and Content Server® 10.x, 16.x on UNIX® and Windows®
  • Oracle®
  • SQL*Server®
Resource Download
Storage Provider Migrator Data Sheet Download PDF