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In our experience, production outages, disruptions and resource availability are major barriers to organizations performing a timely Livelink or Content Server upgrade to the latest releases of OpenText Content Server 10.X & 16.X.

Livelink and Content Server upgrades are complex projects. Upgrades force you to assess the state of the content you have, weighing business factors like size, relevance, integration and sensitivity in order to make decisions about what you want as well as need to bring into your new system. Upgrades also present a good opportunity to restructure your content to provide better management and discoverability, yet there is always pressure to complete upgrades as quickly as possible, regardless of potential feature and configuration incompatibilities between your source and destination systems.

Over a number of years, Syntergy has developed a proven upgrade methodology which includes the use of the Syntergy's Upgrade Accelerator for OpenText Content Server software. This approach gives you the capability to perform upgrades directly from older versions of Livelink and Content Server to the latest releases in a Single Hop (no need to up "hop" through multiple version upgrades) with Zero Downtime.

Use Cases

  • Perform uninterrupted, zero downtime upgrades for mission-critical systems
  • Migrate directly from older versions of Livelink or Content Server in a single hop (no need to “hop” through multiple version upgrades)
  • Keep content and structure in sync between old and new systems until target system is thoroughly validated
  • Gradually migrate business units while other units continue to use the old system
  • Take time to perform content cleansing & purging – only select specific folders, content and versions for the target system
  • Refresh hardware, operating system or database vendor infrastructure without any downtime or interruptions to the users

Key Benefits

  • No downtime and interruptions to the user community
  • Save time, money and reduce risk by migrating directly from older versions of Livelink and Content Server in “One Hop”
  • Reduce risk, interruptions and cost for Livelink or Content Server upgrades
  • Refresh hardware infrastructure with no interruptions
  • Provide confidence to the system stakeholders that mission-critical content will continue to be available to the users during the upgrade period
  • Empower System Administrators to plan upgrade according to business needs with granular or bulk content migration
  • Re-structure libraries and content as often as required to keep up with the ever changing business needs without impacting the users
  • Train users on the new system and user interface prior to cut over to the new system
  • Seamlessly change operating system or database vendor during the upgrade
Component Requirement
  • All standard browsers
  • Livelink Version 9.x and Content Server® 10.x, 16.x on UNIX® and Windows®
  • Oracle®
  • SQL*Server®
  • SAP Hana® (future)
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