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Collaboration with Customers is vital to sustaining and growing customer service organizations. When information is critical, quick access is essential. When Content Server is the primary repository for information Extranet Secure provides secure boundaries to ensure access is restricted only to content that each customer is authorized to view and access.

Extranet Secure provides the capability to register customers to slices of the Content Server Enterprise thereby providing the most up to date information while eliminating the possibility of providing outdated information. This singular source of information reduces the hassle of publishing content to static websites.

Putting your digital assets to work for you by intelligently sharing information with your valued customers can provide an additional revenue stream.

Significant Cost Savings. Implementing Extranet Secure will create substantial real costs savings by eliminating the costs associated with running a separate Extranet environment. Intangible costs savings will be achieved by improved control over important organizational digital assets. Extranet Secure adds an extra layer of protection over standard Livelink security reducing the time spent on security and access issues.

Customer Collaboration
Syntergy's Extranet Secure product is a proven, trusted solution for Customer Collaboration. Extending Content Server functionality to your customers is a straight forward proposition. Simply provide them with their login credentials and a URL and they are online.

Secure Access
Customers (Content Server groups) are registered to specific content. Any attempt to access content outside the boundaries of the registered content is denied. Standard Content Server searches are limited to "From Here", thereby reducing potential overhead. Should permissions be inadvertently conferred outside the boundaries, Extranet Secure ensures access is denied to the content.

Audited Access
All access to content is audited through standard Content Server functionality.

Key Benefits

  • Extranet Secure provides bounded, secure customer content.
  • Supports standard text search, but limits results to customer specific information.
  • Installs as a separate front-end to a common Content Server instance, isolating customer traffic to dedicated front-end server(s).
  • Supports all base Content Server functions, modules and customizations.
  • Extranet Secure installs as a standard Content Server module installation.
Component Requirement
  • All standard browsers
  • Livelink Version 9.x, Content Server 10.x, 16.x on UNIX® and Windows®
  • Oracle®
  • SQL*Server®
Resource Download
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