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5 Top Trends Happening at Syntergy Today!

With Spring coming to an end and Summer rapidly approaching we thought this would be a good time to take a look at what is going on at Syntergy today.   The Content Server world is a fast growing environment and Syntergy is constantly moving to keep pace.  Here are the top 5 trends happening at Syntergy:

  1. Syntergy is Growing: Last year Syntergy sold its SharePoint business unit in order to focus on the growing Content Server market.   We kept our core Content Server team and have been steadily adding to all areas of the business.  Our primary focus has been to build out our development, sales support and quality assurance departments.  Having a well rounded quality assurance department is key for our product development strategy.  Adding two new people to QA enables us to test our products faster and get the new releases of the products to our customers.  Having a quality QA department also reduces demands on our support staff.  The ability to find issues before the product is released is crucial to keeping our customers satisfied and it keeps our developers focused on adding new features.
  2. Syntergy is Developing: We continue to release new versions of our products that meet the ever changing demands of our customers.  Recent new releases include Replicator, Bulk Exporter and Bulk Loader.  Replicator now supports Records Management.  We have also added enhancements to increase throughput and enhance product support. 

    BulkLoader is now capable of uploading all versions of a document with a new checkbox option “Add a New Version if Document Already Exists.”  There are also some improvements coming in the next couple of weeks with BulkLoader version 10.3.10 that allows uploading of documents and versions with only a unique $ObjectId specified.  This will allow users to load document versions even if document names may have changed.

    We recently sent a core group of developers to the OpenText deep dive conference in Waterloo.  Our developers got to hears firsthand what is in store for the next releases of Content Server, ask questions to the OpenText developers and interact with other developers in the Content Server community.
  3. Syntergy is Traveling: Syntergy has been appearing at OpenText EMI days around the world the past few months.  We recently had very successful appearances in Calgary, New York, London and Stockholm.  Syntergy will be appearing at Enterprise World, the annual OpenText user conference, which returns to the JW Marriott Grande Lakes and the Ritz Carlton, Grande Lakes in sunny Orlando, Florida from November 17 to 22, 2013.

    Appearing at these events is important to Syntergy because it allows us to meet potential customers as well as talk one on one with many of our existing customers.  We always allow plenty of time to listen to our customers to find out what problems they need to solve, what enhancements they suggest for our products and to tell them about new features we are developing.  Because the Content Server world is growing so quickly we want to make sure we are focusing on the issues that are customers are most interested in. 
  4. Syntergy is Online: Because we have customers around the world Syntergy has focused on presenting information online through various channels such as live and archived webinars, one on one demonstrations, Twitter, regular website updates and this quarterly newsletter. 

    We have found that webinars are the most efficient means of communicating to the Content World community.  They allow us to reach a broad group of organizations with a common interest and they provide the benefit of letting the organizations interact through questions and comments during the webinar.   We try to have very focused webinars such as the upcoming one on how to upgrade Livelink 9.7 to Content Server 10 using replication.  The focused webinar allows the attendees to get the information they need quickly and keeps the questions and comments relevant for all the attendees.

    Syntergy will be presenting a new online medium soon.  We are working on the Syntergy channel which will be a series of videos that show how are products work and answer common technical issues such as configuration options.
  5. Syntergy is Focused: Syntergy has been in business since the earliest days of Content Server.  (Back then it was called Livelink and it was sold by a company called Odesta Systems.)  Over the years we have served hundreds of customers. ( A lot came and went during the “dot com” era!) We did just about every type of development possible.   We even developed a very successfuly business centered around Microsoft SharePoint.

    Today we are very focused on developing products and providing specific services for the Content Server customers.  We have four main areas of Content Server that our products support – Data Moving (Replication, Bulk Loading Bulk Exporting), Workflow (Workflow Steps, Workflow Escalation, In-Box Proxy and Workflow Map Printer), Migration (Sharelink, Bulk Exporter) and Customization (17+ years of Content Server development).

    We are focusing our growth on supporting product development by building out our support, quality assurance and sales support staff.  This is allowing us to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers.
Organizations have seen the value of Content Server.  Syntergy has the additional products and solutions you need to make Content Server work the way your organization operates.  For more information on these Syntergy products and solutions visit our website at or email