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5 Reasons Just Got a Lot Better

At Syntergy we know that customers value great support. That's why we are constantly focused on improving our support process. This summer we implemented a brand new support site where customers can get access to their software, documentation and licenses. In the future you will be able to view videos that show how to do some of the more detailed requirements for our modules. 

Product Download page from the new support site

Now that our new support site has been up for over a month we thought it would be informative for our customers to see what’s really good about it:

  • It’s Content Server so it’s familiar.  Our previous support site used SharePoint since half our customers were SharePoint users.  This was great for them but often a bit frustrating for the Content Server customers (and those of us that worked on Content Server!)  After Syntergy sold the SharePoint business we quickly made plans to switch over to Content Server knowing that the familiar interface would be more efficient for our customers and partners.
  • You can setup notifications so when new software is available you get notified.  This is not an exciting new feature, it’s been in Content Server forever, but being notified immediately when a new version of your software is available is important for most customers.  Just select the “Set Notification” menu option from the function menu of a product folder and then select the type of notification (typically “when an item is added” and what notification report you want to be notified by (hourly, daily or weekly).  When something changes you will get an email letting you know what software is available and where to get it.
  • It’s easy to move around.  We use appearances and facets to make navigation just a bit easier.  At the top of each page of the support site is our easy navigation bar where you can go to your home folder (more on that later), the product download page, sign off the support site and navigate to the main Syntergy website.  When you go to the product download page you will only see the products you have purchased or are evaluating.  We also use facets so you can quickly navigate to documents by application (Adobe, Microsoft), document type (office, movies, images) and date modified.
  • It’s secured by Syntergy’s off-the-shelf product Extranet Secure.  Extranet Secure adds extra layers of security to keep your data secure from other users on the system and provides easy navigation to your area by placing you in your “home” folder after you login.  Since the site is used by multiple customers we can lock down the navigation and limit functionality for extranet users with Extranet Secure.  For example, if we forgot to set up permissions properly for a new customer folder, other customers would still not be able to get to it because they are not allowed to navigate out of their home folder.
  • We are adding new stuff.  A support site should do more than just hold your software for you.  It should help you set it up, figure out what’s wrong and let you get the most of the software you can.  With that in mind our next addition to the support site will be a series of how to videos that will show you how to use the various modules we provide.  For example, everybody has questions on how to setup the Workflow Map Print modules.  It uses a Java application to create JPEG images of an entire workflow map.  Even though the documentation is very clear J we still get a lot of questions on how to set things up.  In a few weeks you will be able to watch someone from Syntergy go through the setup process and see just how easy it can be.  Setting up CSV files for Bulk Loader can be a challenge too.  We will have some videos on different scenarios for that.

If you are a customer of Syntergy and you administer your organization’s software then be sure to check out  If you need a login you can email and request one.  Once you are at the site be sure to set your notifications and make sure you see everything you are supposed to have access to. If you have any ideas to improve the site please email them to

To find out more about Syntergy and our products visit our website at or email