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The 5 Best Things about Content Server 10.5

Content Server 10.5 will be out soon and it contains many new features and enhancements. The new features range from interface additions to development tools to totally new capabilities. Here are our five favorites:

  1. Web UI Updates: Everybody likes new interface features and Content Server 10.5 has several designed to make life easier.  Our favorite is the calendar picker.  When entering dates a calendar will pop up allowing you to pick the date.  This is a feature most people are familiar with and now this nice interface feature will be in Content Server.

    Another great change is that error messages will be displayed in form instead of on a separate page.  Currently error messages will cause Content Server to refresh and then display a new page with just the error message.  In the new version the error message will be displayed on the current page.

    There will be a more complete implementation of document thumbnails throughout Content Server 10.5.  In the past the thumbnail description of a document would only appear in a limited number of places.  In the new version they will show up just about anywhere a document is listed.
  2. Transport System: Transports allow the user to move an object from one instance of Content Server to another.  For example, a user may develop a new category on a development system.  Using the new transport system they can then move the category to the test system rather than having to recreate the entire category and attribute definitions by hand. Once it is approved for release to production the user can move the category to production using the same tool.  Not only will this save on the time needed to recreate objects moving from one system to another, it will also eliminate the introduction of errors that would occur from typing mistakes or forgetting to include an attribute.
  3. Patch Installer:  Content Server 10.5 will come with a new patch installing system that will allow the administrator to install a patch across an entire cluster of servers rather than installing the patch on each server individually.  This will be a great time saver and it will also eliminate problems caused by patches not being installed on one of several servers in a cluster.
  4. Web Reports is Part of Core Content Server: Web Reports will not be a separate module in Content Server 10.5.  In the past it was a separate module but now it is built into the core product.  The great part about this is that now there will be sets of reports that an administrator can install on the instance.  An example of a report set would be Records Management reports.  This will eliminate the need to have every report installed which will make for a more efficient reports interface.
  5. New Development Environment: Content Server 10.5 will no longer have the Builder as its development tool.  The new development tool will be Eclipse which is a state of the art IDE (Integrated Development Environment).  The main advantage of using Eclipse is that it is a much better known development environment.  New developers will be able to spend more time on creating solutions instead of learning the Builder development environment.  The tools associated with Eclipse including the debugger, previewer and search are significantly better.

Content Server 10.5 is a significant update and these new features will greatly improve the user and developer experience.  One of the big hurdles in the past has been the availability of supporting modules when a new release of Content Server is available.  It is anticipated that these modules will be available at the same time as Content Server 10.5 is released which should increase the speed of adoption.  Syntergy will continue working with Content Server 10.5 so that we can provide our customers a smooth and easy transition when they are ready to upgrade.  If you have any questions, please email us at