Here are our top five Syntergy Content Server Events from 2014:

  1. Syntergy World Tour 2014 (Open Text Innovation Tour 2014):

    Syntergy kicked off their 2014 schedule with a stop in Sydney, Australia on February 27 as a participant in the OpenText Innovation Tour. From there it was on to England, Germany, Canada and various cities throughout the United States. Attendance at all the stops was beyond expectations and the level of interest was fantastic. The Innovation Tour allowed organizations using Content Server to maximize their investment and interact directly with fellow Public Sector, Resource and technology professionals, learn about emerging trends, hear OpenText executives share their vision for the future, and participate in a variety of Enterprise Information Management (EIM) and industry focused breakout sessions.
  2. The Director Product was Released:

    Syntergy was excited to announce Director in the spring of 2014, the latest in a long line of innovative products for Content Server. Syntergy Director for End Users is designed and developed from the ground up to ease the burden of managing content and metadata. Director is a desktop application that allows users to connect to one or more Content Server instances to perform operations such as export, import, copy and move of documents between Local or Network file system and Content Server. Because Director is powerful, yet easy to use one early adopter purchased well over 3,000 licenses so all of their users could work in Content Server using Director.
  3. Major Syntergy Website Update:

    This spring Syntergy announced that our website was updated to provide more information on our products, allow access to our current and recent newsletters, include videos that show how to use our products, include videos that show product tips and tricks, provide new product information and create an improved look and feel. The goal behind all of these updates was to make it easier for our current and potential customers to get the information they need about our products, services and organization.

    Example of New Video Display on Website

  4. The Data Manager Product was Released:

    Syntergy announced the long awaited release of Data Manager which included previously separate tools Bulk Loader and Bulk Exporter. The new product dramatically increases the ability to export and import content into Content Server. It provides a simpler setup page that allows users to configure their data movement precisely how they want it. It also includes enhanced validation, improved processing time and many more options for managing the data. Syntergy developed the Data Manager product based on feedback from our many customers who use the module in various industries around the world.
  5. The OpenText Live Webinar Series:

    Syntergy participated in five OpenText Live Webinars in 2014. One of the great benefits of being a product partner with OpenText is the ability to reach out to the entire customer base through the Live Webinar Series. We can demo the products, answer questions, participate in discussions with the customers and really get the customers involved in the product presentations. This year we did webinars on Data Manager, Director, Replicator for failover, Replicator for upgrading to Content Server 10.5 and the Bulk Loader. To view an archive of these webinars view our list of webinars at
For a list of products and services offered by Syntergy please visit our website at, Email or call Martin Black at (561) 483-2020.