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The Top 5 Reasons to Check out OpenText Tempo Box

You have probably heard quite a lot about OpenText's Tempo product. It consists of Tempo Social and Tempo Box. Tempo Box simplifies content management for organizations by allowing their members to sync, share, and store information across all the devices they use. They do this without sacrificing the rules and security requirements that an organization has developed through internal policies and industry regulations. Tempo Box meets the requirements of organizations that need a simple, reliable and secure way to share, synchronize, access, and manage information in the cloud.

Here are our five reasons to check out OpenText Tempo Box:

  1. TheInterfaceisEasytoUse:
    The first thing you will notice about Tempo Box is that the interface is simple and easy to use. The key to getting users on board with a new application is ease of use. Tempo Box runs on the devices that people are familiar with including the desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile device. Because the interface is simple to use there is no learning curve when a user switches devices. The front end does all the heavy lifting so the user doesn’t even realize they are using a document management system on the back end.
  2. The Storage of Information is Flexible and Secure:
    Tempo Box stores documents in Content Server which can be a maintained onsite or hosted as a cloud application. Either way the data is secure in the proven technology of Content Sever. Organizations get the full benefit of standard features such as audit trails, permission based security and version control on the back end.
  3. TheInformationisProtected:
    Organization information is protected in multiple ways. Because the data is stored on a server users don’t have to worry about losing data because their device failed and they didn’t have it backed up. If a laptop fails the user can instantly access their information from another device. Organizations can focus on securing the Content Server computer and not the many devices out in the field. Organizations are able to meet compliance and regulatory requirements through the proper implementation of Content Server which helps simply the process.
  4. It Simplifies the Content Management Experience:
    Tempo Box makes life simple for an organization’s users. They can work on any device they choose, switch devices and access their information from the office, the road or at home. The easy interface shields the user from the more complicated and complex Content Server interface. It makes content management an easy extension for organizations using today’s productivity tools because Content Server is on the backend managing the data.
  5. TheTechnologyisProven:
    Just about every aspect of Tempo Box is proven technology. The front end hardware is comprised of standard tools such as the desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile device. The backend hardware is either cloud based or onsite. Since the interface runs on all the standard corporate devices the front end software is accepted by the users. The backend software is Content Server. Every piece of the solution has likely already been accepted and used in some form by organizations looking to use Tempo Box.

Today’s business environment is adopting technology at a faster and faster rate. The ability of an organization to implement this technology in a manner that is accepted by its workers is critical for success. Workers need a simple, fast, reliable and secure way to share, synchronize, access, and manage an organization’s information. OpenText Tempo Box does a great job of taking the typically complex technology of content management and simplifying it for both the users and administrators.