Syntergy Year 18 Goes Down as Best in History

2014 is just about in the books and for Syntergy it is the best year in history. The company continued to grow in all areas of the business which is now 100% focused on providing products and services related to Content Server. "We are very pleased to see such strong growth in our 18th year of business." said Syntergy President Doug Arthur. "It validates that the three core values we started the company with, responsiveness, superior technical expertise and high value for our products and services, are what customers are looking for."

The biggest area of growth in 2014 was product development. Syntergy released two new products, Director and Data Manager. Director is a desktop application with an intuitive drag and drop user interface that focuses on data moving, metadata management, bulk operations (document export, import, copy, etc.), permissions management, and reporting. Users can connect to one or more Content Server instances to perform operations such as export, import, copy and move of documents between Local or Network file system and Content Server. "Our customers told us that what they needed was a simple, intuitive way to manage the data in Content Server" explained Director Product Manager Robbie Spencer. "When we showed them how easy a desktop interface could be the response was overwhelming."

Data Manager is the successor to the popular Syntergy Bulk Loader and Bulk Exporter line of products. We combined both products into one and added even more functionality to importing and exporting. Data Manager is a browser interface that allows you to manipulate huge amounts of data quickly and easily. From an intuitive single page user interface, you can import and export entire folder hierarchies and perform powerful data operations on thousands of objects in seconds.

Some key benefits of Data Manager are the ability to import and export folders, documents, images, emails projects, images and physical objects. You can also import and export standard metadata, version data, category attributes, records details, and physical object data. Another big benefit is the ability to import, export and update users and groups as well as create and update group membership. Data Manager runs in Real-Time or Scheduled mode.

The second growth area was in marketing. 2014 was the year that Syntergy traveled around the world to show off our great line of products. One of the big success stories was the Open Text Innovation Tour which took us to Germany, Australia, London, Toronto and cities throughout the United States. When asked to summarize the Innovation Tour Syntergy President Doug Arthur said, "The great thing about the Innovation Tour is that we get to meet people all over the world that either didn't come to Enterprise World or came but didn't have time to see our products. We have some great products for Content Server and this tour really gives us a chance to show case them."

The recently completed Enterprise World was another great event for Syntergy in 2014. "This show was another in a series of great Enterprise World shows that we have participated in." stated Doug Arthur, President of Syntergy. "As is typical, our booth was packed with customers from start to finish. The people that stopped by came with a specific need they knew our products addressed."

The final key area of growth was customers. Syntergy continued to add to its long list of customers throughout the world. "When you have been in business for 18 years you develop a tremendous amount of customer contacts." commented Arthur. "In our case we have little attrition because Content Server is such a robust product and we go to great lengths to make sure our customers are happy." The addition of Director added thousands of Syntergy product users in a very short period of time as some companies purchased licenses for each Content Server user.

Responsiveness, value and technological superior solutions are Syntergy's three keys to success. They have steered us through eighteen years of providing solutions for Content Server. It is a proven successful strategy that we continue to focus on as we move forward in today's competitive environment. To find out more about Syntergy and our products visit our website at or email or call Martin Black at (561) 483-2020.