Syntergy Director: Manage Content and Metadata with a New Easy to User Desktop Application

One Customer buys over 3,000 licenses

Syntergy is excited to announce Director, the latest in a long line of innovative products for Content Server. Syntergy Director for End Users is designed and developed from the ground up to ease the burden of managing content and metadata. Director is a desktop application that allows users to connect to one or more Content Server instances to perform operations such as export, import, copy and move of documents between Local or Network file system and Content Server. Because Director is powerful, yet easy to use one early adopter purchased well over 3,000 licenses so all of their users could work in Content Server using Director. In this article we take a first look at this exciting new product.

Director Application Interface Highlighting Each Data Area

The above screen capture is highlighted to show the different working areas containing data a user can access. The left pane (highlighted with a green border) shows the local file system view which can include network drives. The right pane (highlighted with a red border) shows the Content Server view. The Content Server view shows folder hierarchy at the top and the associated metadata of the selected item at the bottom. The metadata includes general attributes, category attributes and permissions.

The key benefits of Director are:

  • Manage one or more Content Server instances from a centralized location
  • Drag & Drop enabled interface
  • Manage metadata by adding and updating category and attribute values
  • Export data (including metadata and versions) from Content Server to the local file system
  • Import files from a file system or network share while enriching the data with categories and attributes
  • Runs on 32 and 64 bit OS
  • No Content Server modules to install

Director Application Interface Show an Import

All of these benefits allow users to more easily search and find documents. The improved accessibility and navigation mean users will use Content Server more. Director is great for Administrators as well. The easy to use interface allows them to reorganize content to improve the Information Architecture. It will also reduce the time IT or Content Server administrators spend classifying and organizing documents. Director also supports access to cloud environments such as Open Text Cloud.

Use Director to Easily Manage Your Records Management Information

Syntergy Director for Records Management addresses an organization's need to manage their records throughout their life cycle starting from the time they are created to their eventual disposal. It also assists in the automation of several tasks required to meet regulatory compliance legislation. With the high-volumes of content and the ever changing corporate landscape, Record Managers need the ability to manage the information governance. Syntergy Director allows Record Managers to quickly update thousands of records simply using the power of Microsoft Excel. The existing records can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet, updated, and then re-imported back to OpenText Content Server. Record Managers can use Director to easily search Records specific content and perform batch operation on the result set.

Below are just some of the benefits of Director Records Management:

  • Manage one or more Content Server instances from a centralized location
  • Batch Update of Records Details
  • Apply/Remove Classifications
  • Simple yet Powerful Records Search
  • Apply and Remove Holds
  • Finalize Records

If your organization is looking for an easy, efficient way for users to access Content Server from their desktop Director is the answer. The ability to import and export data is an added bonus. To try this exciting new product from Syntergy in your environment email or call Martin Black at (561) 483-2020.