5 Reasons Why OpenText Content Suite Beta 16 is the Most Important Event of the Year

Content Suite 16 Beta is right around the corner and Syntergy will be involved from the start to the finish. Syntergy is committed to upgrading our products on a timely basis which makes the beta program an important step in that process. Content Suite 16 includes new capabilities like a role-based user interface designed to boost end user adoption and team collaboration; desktop client advances to help users work more effectively; a new Physical Objects dashboard; search improvements as well as many other advancements.

Here are our five reasons why OpenText Content Suite Beta 16 is the most important event of the year:

  1. Maintain Overall Product Compatibility:

    When there is a new version of Content Server it is likely that products designed to run on the previous version will not run correctly on the new version. Syntergy uses the beta program to test our products for compatibility. We also look at new features in the beta version and enhance our products to take advantage of those features. For example, the new version of Content Server may contain a new object type. We would then enhance Replicator, Bulk Loader and Director to allow these products to handle the new object type.

  2. Take Advantage of New Features:

    Most major upgrades include many new features. Syntergy will use the beta to learn how the new features work and to make adjustments and enhancements to our products to account for them. The beta allows us to try different approaches and decide which one is the best implementation. Sometimes existing features are designed differently in a beta release. That requires us to change our products to meet the new design approach.

  3. Timely Release of Upgrades:

    Organizations that are upgrading to the newest release of Content Server require that their add-on modules are compatible with the new release. It takes time to make a complex product like Replicator compatible with a new release. Syntergy begins it beta analysis as soon as it is available so that we can get our products updated and ready for release when the new Content Server version is ready.

  4. Provide Feedback to Development:

    One of the great features of a beta program is that it allows developers to provide feedback on the new version. The feedback can be bug reports, feature requests or discussion on how a new technology was implemented. This communication with the developers allows Syntergy to redesign our products more efficiently because they take advantage of the changes in the new version. Sometimes a small request like making a database field longer can make a big difference in how our products are developed.

  5. Fill The Gaps:

    When there is a major release of Content Server it usually includes some major new functionality and some new technology. Syntergy has spent the last 20 years designing solutions that bridge the gaps in new features and technology. We are always looking for ways we can improve Content Server and bring value to our customers. With every new release we are on the lookout for something we can add or improve to make using Content Server better for our customers.

Today's business environment is adopting technology at a faster and faster rate. The ability of an organization to implement this technology in a manner that is accepted by its workers is critical for success. The OpenText Content Suite Beta 16 is a great way for Syntergy to adapt our products quickly so that our customers can use the latest technology as soon as possible.

We recommend you take a look at our latest products for Content Server. If you have any questions or would like to see a demo contact Syntergy at info@syntergy.com or visit our website at www.syntergy.com or call our sales team at (561) 483-2020.