The Best Content Server Upgrade Tool Ever

Zero Downtime, Avoid Hopping Through Multiple Upgrades, Bypass Unexpected Consequences

Upgrade Accelerator is the smart tool to use when upgrading Content Server. Syntergy has developed this unique tool based on strong customer demand for an approach that eliminates the need to take Content Server offline while performing an upgrade. Over the last 20+ years we have worked with some of the largest Content Server installations in the world. Standard upgrades can take several days to complete and there is a good chance there will be multiple issues to resolve along the way no matter how much preliminary testing is done.

In our experience, production outages, disruptions and resource availability are major barriers to organizations performing a timely Livelink or Content Server upgrade to the latest releases of OpenText Content Server.

Over a number of years, Syntergy has developed a proven upgrade methodology which includes the use of the Syntergy’s Upgrade Accelerator software for OpenText Content Server. This tool gives you the capability to perform upgrades directly from older versions of Livelink and Content Server to the latest releases in a Single Hop (no need up "hop" through multiple version upgrades) with Zero Downtime.

During the upgrade process, Upgrade Accelerator also has the capabilities to select specific folders & content if all the content is not required to be migrated to the new platform. If your business requirements have changed and re-structuring is required, Upgrade Accelerator also has the capabilities to "Re-Parent" folders during the upgrade process.

Livelink & Content Server implementations are mission-critical in organizations. Users demand availability! With Upgrade Accelerator you can migrate logical business units in a company sequentially, while the rest of the company is on the old system. You can run old and new servers in parallel, keeping the data in sync while testing, training and re-structuring as often as needed until you are ready to cut over to the new system.

Upgrade Accelerator also supports the moving of Categories, Attributes, Audit Information, Permissions and the Users associated with the elements to be moved with objects.

If you have a need to change your Server Operating System e.g. UNIX to Microsoft Windows or change your database vendor during the upgrade process, Replicator also supports these requirements.

Below please find the the steps required for a Content Server upgrade using Syntergy’s One-Hop, Zero Downtime Approach.

Option 1

  1. Build Content Server 10.5 environment
  2. Install Upgrade Accelerator module in Livelink (source and target) and Content Server clusters
  3. Initialize replication
  4. Wait for systems to synchronize
  5. Test
  6. Change DNS to point to new CS 10.5 environment

No Production Outage - Both Systems Are Live Simultaneously


Option 2

  1. Build duplicate 9.7.1 (source) environment
  2. Copy EFS, search index and database
  3. Initialize replication between duplicate environments
  4. Disable Upgrade Accelerator outbound traffic
  5. Perform upgrade to CS10.5 (target) on duplicate system
  6. Enable replication traffic and changes will be synchronized
  7. Switch DNS entries

No Production Outage - Both Systems Are Live Simultaneously

With the above options, from the user's perspective, an upgrade will be instantaneous with no disruptions and downtime.

OpenText will be presenting a webinar on the Upgrade Accelerator on Thursday, April 20, 2017 at 11:00 am Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00).

In this webinar, we will show you how Upgrade Accelerator will simplify your Content Server upgrade by:

  1. Performing the upgrade with no downtime and no interruptions
  2. Upgrading from any version in one hop, avoiding the need to upgrade to intermediate versions
  3. Allowing you to refresh you hardware infrastructure with no downtime or interruptions
  4. Providing a way to consolidate multiple Content Servers into a single instance
  5. Restructuring and/or rebranding your content as needed during the upgrade
  6. Allowing you to change operating systems and/or databases during the upgrade
  7. Letting you train users on the new version before switching them from the previous version

In addition, we will also show you some of the creative ways our customers have used the Upgrade Accelerator approach to optimize their Content Server upgrade to increase the efficiency of their implementation. Register for the webinar here.

For further information, please contact Syntergy at or visit our website at