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Spring 2013

Syntergy Support - A look behind the scenes

Just about every customer has some form of contact with Syntergy's support team.  In this article we go behind the scenes to show you how our support operation works, what makes it one of the best you will experience and how you can get the most from your support experience.  Syntergy was founded with the idea that we would offer technically superior solutions, we would be incredibly responsive and we would offer great value.  These foundations carry through to our support organization as well and are the main reason why Syntergy support is exceptional.  To see what happens behind the scenes at Syntergy support read more >>>

Upgrade from Content Server 9.x to 10 in One Step with No Downtime

If you have worked with Livelink or Content Server for any period of time you know that the option to upgrade your instance comes once or twice a year.  There are several factors that go into the decision process for the customer.  The biggest factors are the value received by upgrading (improved performance, new functionality, bug fixes, etc.) and the cost of the upgrade (resource requirements, hardware requirements, production downtime, post upgrade validation, user training, etc.)   If the perceived value is too low vs. the expected cost of the upgrade the customer will typically not upgrade their instance.

Syntergy has developed an upgrade approach that eliminates many of the cost issues through the use of our Replicator product.  To see if this approach is a good fit for your organization read more >>>

5 Trends Happening at Syntergy Today!

With Spring coming to an end and Summer rapidly approaching we thought this would be a good time to take a look at what is going on at Syntergy today.   The Content Server world is a fast growing environment and Syntergy is constantly moving to keep pace.  Read the top 5 trends happening at Syntergy.  You might be surprised. Read more >>>

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Live Webinars

Upgrade from Content Server 9 x to 10 in One Step with No Downtime >>>
Attend the upcoming webinar on Tuesday, June 11th at 11:00 A.M. - Noon EST / 8:00 A.M. - 9:00 A.M. PDT.  This informative webinar will demonstrate the capabilities of the Syntergy Replicator product and how it can simplify your upgrade by reducing risk, minimizing Content Server downtime, increase data integrity and lower cost.

The webinar is presented by Greg Worden, General Manager.  Mr. Worden brings over 30 years of experience in Systems Integration and Implementation with special expertise in Content Server and Net-based solutions. Mr. Worden and his team have supported over 200 Livelink customers including Hewlett Packard, The Aerospace Corporation, Underwriters Laboratories and Wells Fargo.

On Demand Webinars

Replication for Content Server Disaster Recovery >>>
Data replication offers a fast, inexpensive way to get Content Server back up after a major data loss or a service disruption on the primary system.  By implementing Replicator from Syntergy your organization will constantly have a copy of your Content Server data offsite. 

Designing a Hot Back Up or Failover solution for Content Server presents unique challenges.  This webinar will look at these challenges and show how Replicator from Syntergy can be used as a solution.

Managing Content and Metadata for Content Server Using Bulk Loader and Bulk Exporter >>>
Join Kit Miller, Syntergy Senior ECM Consultant, for a discussion on how Syntergy customers can take advantage of the Bulk Exporter, a companion to Syntergy Bulk Loader, in order to manage your taxonomy. See in detail how Bulk Exporter allows designated users to export the metadata, massage the data, and with the Bulk Loader, apply the changes.

See how Syntergy's Replication can enhance remote users access to Content Server >>>
Our recent webinar with OpenText shows how Replicator improves performance to remote users. Syntergy's Replicator product provides remote site users the ability to connect over low bandwidths for enhanced access to Content Server by intelligently replicating information.

Demos and More Information

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