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Winter 2013

Syntergy Starts 17th Year - 3 Keys to Success

Syntergy started business in 1997 with the goal of providing Synergy through Internet Applications to customers - Syntergy .  The customers in the beginning were companies such as AT&T Wireless, Sprint and Motorola and the applications they needed were Livelink customizations.  Syntergy was in a unique position to provide what these customers needed because the company was founded by people that had been Livelink customers themselves. "Having just come from the same position that our customers were in was a big advantage."  stated Tyler Lawton, a founder of Syntergy.  "When we decided to take the leap and start our own company we wanted it to be a company that provided what we were looking for when we were implementing Livelink.  We came up with what we now call our three keys to success."  Read what these three keys to success are and why you should look for them in any company you hire for your organization. Read more >>>

Why Content Server Replication?

The relentless pace of business communications demands that all business units work with updated information at all times. If even one business unit operates with outdated information, the results can be both painful and expensive. As organizational changes or acquisitions occur the associated digital information must be reorganized, too. In some cases this may require that information is consolidated into a single content repository. In other instances the new organization may require that the information may need to be segregated, either as a result of new security requirements or the separation of lines of business. In either case, the data must be moved and made available with minimal disruption to the new organization(s).  Read why Replication has been shown to be a cost effective solution to managing these information requirements. Read more >>>

Top 5 Enhancements to Workflow and Why Your Workflow Needs Them

More and more companies are realizing the tremendous value workflow provides to their organization.  Syntergy has been developing workflow solutions for Content Server for 17 years now.  Over that time there have been five enhancements that customers consistently value more than others.  We have determined that the reason they value these enhancements over others is because they are easy to implement, they provide excellent value and they are key components of most workflows.  In this article we take a look at these five workflow enhancements and give you some reasons why your organization may be missing out if you don't have them. Read more >>>

See Syntergy In Action

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Replication for Content Server Disaster Recovery >>>
Data replication offers a fast, inexpensive way to get Content Server back up after a major data loss or a service disruption on the primary system.  By implementing Replicator from Syntergy your organization will constantly have a copy of your Content Server data offsite.  Designing a Hot Back Up or Failover solution for Content Server presents unique challenges.  This webinar will look at these challenges and show how Replicator from Syntergy can be used as a solution.

Managing Content and Metadata for Content Server Using Bulk Loader and Bulk Exporter >>>
Join Kit Miller, Syntergy Senior ECM Consultant, for a discussion on how Syntergy customers can take advantage of the Bulk Exporter, a companion to Syntergy Bulk Loader, in order to manage your taxonomy. See in detail how Bulk Exporter allows designated users to export the metadata, massage the data, and with the Bulk Loader, apply the changes.

See how Syntergy's Replication can enhance remote users access to Content Server >>>
Our recent webinar with OpenText shows how Replicator improves performance to remote users. Syntergy's Replicator product provides remote site users the ability to connect over low bandwidths for enhanced access to Content Server by intelligently replicating information.

Upcoming Events

OpenText EIM Days 2013 >>>
OpenText EIM Days 2013 will equip you with practical knowledge to extend the business value and functionality of your existing OpenText content management investment. Syntergy will be at the following EIM Days 2013 to meet participants, display our products and discuss your requirements: Calgary, Houston, New York City, Los Angeles, London, Stockholm, Toronto

Replicator Supports Records Management >>>
Syntergy is beta testing the latest release of Replicator for Content Server which now includes support for Records Management.  If you are interested in replicating Records Management data please contact Martin Black at or call him directly at (561) 702-7140.

Demos and More Information

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