Syntergy Replicator

for OpenText Content Server

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Active Updates

Syntergy's Replicator provides a full multi-directional replication capability. Content Server objects are replicated to one or more participating systems. Any modifications to any of those replicas will be reflected back to every other replica as well as the original object. All sites in production are updated automatically using a proprietary technology that enables transmission of data over low bandwidth networks.

Universal Access

Allows multiple systems to present a custom federated enterprise view to different users and organizations.

Disaster Recovery

Can be used to solve Content Server specific issues when designing hot backup and failover solutions for various Content Server environments.

Seamless One-Hop, Zero Production Downtime Upgrades

Allows to perform one-hop upgrades from older Livelink & Content Server systems with zero downtime to your production environment. Click here to see details on the Syntergy methodology.

Replicator for Content Server

Everyone needs quick access to content they require. Replicator reflects the way people work, the way organizations function, and the way they allocate infrastructure resources in the most intelligent and cost effective manner. Groups within organizations have different needs for content and Replicator provides greater performance by storing documents locally for those who need them.

Syntergy has a history of implementing replication solutions to assist with the complex business of securing, accessing and managing vast amounts of information in a global network. We have evolved our award winning LiveSync module with the scope and understanding from custom implementations for peer to peer failover modules, into the Replicator product which utilizes the latest features of the platform.

Take Content Server one step further with Replicator by intelligently distributing information in such a way that users on the global network have faster access to the most up-to-date version of documents. Replicator works in low bandwidth environments which mean lower overall infrastructure cost.

Key Benefits

  • Replicate selective or the entire content of the system.
  • Create read-only replicas.
  • Compressed payload transfers to minimize network traffic.
  • Avoid a single point of catastrophic failure.
  • Hot-backup of the entire contents of a production server for failover.
  • One Hop, Zero Production Downtime Upgrade to the latest version of Content Server including re-parenting folders
  • For partner access, physically separate secure partitioning of selected Content Server information.
  • Supports all base Content Server functions, modules and customizations.
  • Push common folders and documents to regional Content Server servers.
  • Replicator supports re-parenting folders under folders, projects under folders, and projects under projects.
Component Requirement
  • All standard browsers
  • Livelink Version 9.x and Content Server® 10.x, 16.x on UNIX® and Windows®
  • Oracle®
  • SQL*Server®
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