Syntergy Geo-Replicator

for OpenText Content Server

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The relentless pace of business communications demands that all business units work with updated information at all times. If even one business unit operates with outdated information, the results can be both painful and expensive.

For geographically separated business offices, latency and slow bandwidth can make the update procedure unreliable, and information tends to become outdated as soon as the process is finished. Because critical information can change on a minute-by-minute basis, just keeping all business units updated becomes a mission-critical application in its own right.

Having a central storehouse of information is critical to keeping information current. The key to making certain that all employees are utilizing current information is to push the central storehouse of information to the edges of the corporate network. Any edits employees make to content must be made available throughout the entire network.

Even if your network resources are such that the difference in bandwidth is not significant, your user still waits. Adding up how many times a user waits, and the average wait time gives a reasonably dependable insight into the true cost of storing documents on a remote server. Replicating files to all local servers makes good business sense, and dramatically improves the user experience. All files are 100% up-to-date, and users experience virtually no download time.

Syntergy’s Geo-Replicator provides a full multi-directional replication capability. Content Server objects are replicated to one or more participating systems. Any modifications to any of those replicas will be reflected back to every other replica as well as the original object. All sites in production are updated automatically using a proprietary technology that enables transmission of data over low bandwidth networks.

When documents are replicated to local servers, user access times are significantly improved, and network traffic is reduced. Because more users are accessing documents stored on their local servers, they are not accessing documents stored on remote servers, which decreases network traffic. The Geo-Replicator runs on the background servers, synchronizes content in real-time and is totally transparent to users. With no user-level interaction required, once the tool has been configured, it requires minimal administrator-level intervention.

User Cases:

  • Content delivery to and from HQ and from branch office, ship, rig, or remote location
  • Synchronized critical operations centers
  • Merger or acquisition and the need to consolidate or synchronize Content Server content
  • Requirement to address WAN bandwidth, latency and reliability issues by deploying additional local or regional Content Server instances
  • Smaller deployments of Content Server (departmental or project oriented) that need to be synchronized with or migrated to a company’s primary Content Server implementation
  • Assured, instant distribution of compliance documentation
  • Rapid access to large documents over a slow network
  • Selective delivery of content by location, in compliance with policies restricting regional information storage and access
  • Create read-only replicas
  • Application Deployment Support (sync between Test, Staging, UAT, Production Instances)

Key Benefits:

  • Information is continually updated, ensuring that all users have access to the most current versions at all times
  • Global collaboration with fast access to locally stored content
  • Replicate selective or the entire content of the system
  • Compressed payload transfers to minimize network traffic
  • No single point of catastrophic failure for Content Server
  • For partner access, physically separate secure partitioning of selected Content Server information
  • Supports all base Content Server functions, modules and customizations
  • Simplify replication of data from the development server to the Quality Assurance/Acceptance server and ultimately to the Production server(s)
Component Requirement
  • All standard browsers
  • Livelink Version 9.x and Content Server® 10.x, 16.x on UNIX® and Windows®
  • Oracle®
  • SQL*Server®
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