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Fall 2013

The 5 Best Things About Content Server 10.5

Content Server 10.5 will be out soon and it contains many new features and enhancements.  In this article we take a look at the 5 best things we found.  The items range from interface additions to development tools to totally new capabilities.  To find out what our top five favorites are read more >>>

Syntergy Goes Big at Enterprise World 2013

Enterprise World 2013 is next week and Syntergy will have a big presence at the annual conference this year.  We are a silver partner at the annual event which means you will see Syntergy throughout the show.  One of the highlights is sure to be our breakout session on replication and everyone will want to win the new iPad we are giving away.  To get all the details on Enterprise World 2013 read more >>>

Barrick Gold uses Replicator to Help Streamline Information Flow

Barrick Gold holds interests in the producing gold mines, which are concentrated in North America, South America, and Australia Pacific; producing copper mines located in Chile and Zambia and a mine under construction is located in Saudi Arabia. In addition, it holds interests in oil and gas properties located in Canada. Meeting the data needs of a distributed environment like this is a prime example of why Syntergy developed the Replicator product.  In this article we take a look at the challenges facing Barrick Gold with their Content Server implementation and how Replicator is a big part of the solution. Read more >>>

See Syntergy In Action

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Enterprise World 2013

Syntergy will be a Silver sponsor at Enterprise World 2013 in Orlando, Florida November 17 - 22. Be sure to stop by Syntergy booth #11 to see what's new. We will be giving away an iPad at the booth. 

See our breakout session Overcoming Obstacles to Global Content Server Adoption  (Location: Segura 1/2 - JW) on Wednesday, November 20th from 3:40 to 4:25.  We will be showing how Replicator extends the capabilities of Content Server to increase operational productivity and efficiency worldwide. Syntergy Replicator supports improved communication and data transfer between geographically challenged areas, especially where high latency or low-bandwidth networks are utilized. Join us for a demonstration and real-life customer implementation of the Syntergy Replicator.

If you would like to schedule a demo at Enterprise World 2013, a private demo or if you have any questions please contact us at

On Demand Webinars

Simplify Importing and Exporting Content Server Data >>>
If your organization has a need for data migration, initial population of Content Server data, content distribution, data interchange or managing existing taxonomy join Syntergy's Senior ECM Consultant, Kit Miller, for a demonstration showing the power of Syntergy's import tool. We will also have a customer from one of Canada's largest integrated energy companies discussing how they use our import tool.

Replication for Content Server Disaster Recovery >>>
Data replication offers a fast, inexpensive way to get Content Server back up after a major data loss or a service disruption on the primary system.  By implementing Replicator from Syntergy your organization will constantly have a copy of your Content Server data offsite. 

Designing a Hot Back Up or Failover solution for Content Server presents unique challenges.  This webinar will look at these challenges and show how Replicator from Syntergy can be used as a solution.

Managing Content and Metadata for Content Server Using Bulk Loader and Bulk Exporter >>>
Join Kit Miller, Syntergy Senior ECM Consultant, for a discussion on how Syntergy customers can take advantage of the Bulk Exporter, a companion to Syntergy Bulk Loader, in order to manage your taxonomy. See in detail how Bulk Exporter allows designated users to export the metadata, massage the data, and with the Bulk Loader, apply the changes.

See how Syntergy's Replication can enhance remote users' access to Content Server >>>
Our recent webinar with OpenText shows how Replicator improves performance to remote users. Syntergy's Replicator product provides remote site users the ability to connect over low bandwidths for enhanced access to Content Server by intelligently replicating information.