News Center 2001

Oct 10, 2001

Syntergy to Display Latest Technology at Content ServerUp 2001 in Las Vegas

The OpenText® affinity partner announced today it will have an exhibitors booth at Content ServerUp November 5th through 9th. Sales and technical staff will be on hand to demonstrate products and custom solutions designed specifically for Content Server Attendees are encouraged to come by and review the latest products for Content Server including the new release of Live-Mail 2.3, Bulk Loader and Group Function Utility. New products being displayed include Document Archive, Single Sign-On, Extranet Secure and Live-Pages. Information is available on several new service packages being offered including Version 9 upgrades, deployment assurance, and developer training.

Continuing the tradition of past Content Server conferences, several customers will be demonstrating Syntergy built solutions at the breakout sessions during the week. Syntergy will be discussing new technologies such as Replication and Synchronization, Dynamic Publishing, Enhanced Workflow and Streamlined Search. For more information and to setup appointments call 858.459.6356 or contact Syntergy.

Sept 5, 2001

Syntergy Releases Live-Mail Version 1.3/2.3

Syntergy released versions 1.3 and 2.3 of the popular Live-Mail module today. Release 1.3 supports the Content Server 8.1.5 platform while release 2.3 support the 9.0 platform.

The new release of Live-Mail contains the following new features and functions:

  • E-mail message headers are included in the saved document if the system preference is checked.
  • E-mail messages that include attachments will have the attachment names included at the bottom of the saved document.
  • E-mail messages in HTML format are stored as HTML documents
  • E-mail messages saved as documents will have meaningful names that correspond with the document name in Content Server.
  • The quoted string in the subject can be at the beginning or the end of the subject
  • Multiple object ids can be included in subject quoted strings that begin with "ID:". Multiple object IDs need to be separated by commas. Example: "ID:34459,45598"
  • Discussion summary e-mails sent to registered users are sent in HTML and text format. E-mail clients that can read HTML will display the HTML version by default.
  • Users can attach URLs that reference the 'Properties' page of documents when e-mailing documents and tasks. The normal file attachments can also be included.
  • Audit Trails of documents are updated with e-mail address of whom the document was e-mailed to.
  • Administrators can identify a default domain to append to e-mail addresses when trying to resolve addresses with no domain.

Versions 1.3 and 2.3 are available now. Call 858.459.6356 and ask for a demo or contact Syntergy.

Aug 21, 2001

Former OpenText® Developer Larry Fick Joins Syntergy

www.syntergy.com, Inc. announced today that Larry Fick has joined the company in a senior-level technical role. Fick brings a set of proven Content Server development skills to Syntergy and will help further the company's standing as one of the premier providers of software and services to the Content Server community. He will be based at Syntergy's offices in Orange County, California.

Recently, Fick held the position of Advanced Technologist at OpenText® where he helped conceptualized and build many of the features of Content Server. His experience with Content Server dates back to the early days of the product when it was owned by Odesta Systems before they eventually merged with OpenText® Corporation. Fick was a member of the OpenText® team that installed and customized the first ever Content Server Intranet in San Diego, California in 1996.

" Syntergy is experiencing growth in all areas of the company and having Larry in a leading technical role will allow us to continue our expansion," said Tyler Lawton, President of www.syntergy.com, Inc. "With his extensive knowledge and experience in Content Server development Larry has hit the ground running since his arrival. He has made a big impact in new products such as Single Sign-On and Content Server Archive. He has also provided invaluable input to complex consulting projects in Texas and Sydney."

" The opportunity to work with a leading Content Server technology company was an opportunity I have been looking for, " said Fick. "Their ability to produce high-end products and solutions that greatly increase the value of Content Server was a big factor in my decision to work for an OpenText® partner. Their 'customer first' attitude was another selling point for me."

Aug 1, 2001

Syntergy Releases Document Archive

Syntergy released version 1.0 of the Document Archive module today. Document Archive was developed in conjunction with partner Info Vista.

Archive of documents to offline and near line media and the ability to restore those documents is a standard function of document management systems. This functionality is not available in standard Content Server but is now being offered by Syntergy and Info Vista. Because Content Server is a relatively new product the need for archiving has not been a big issue. But now that systems have been in place for up to 5 years there is a growing demand for archiving.

" Info Vista is a partner that has had several requests for archiving." said Syntergy president Tyler Lawton. "Our team worked with them to build a robust product that would meet their needs. They have been very successful selling the product in Australia and the South Pacific. We were happy to develop a technology that makes selling Content Server easier and provides customers with valuable functionality."

Document Archive is available now. Call 858.459.6356 and ask for a demo or contact Syntergy.

Jul 21, 2001

Syntergy releases Single Sign-On

Syntergy today released the initial version of Single Sign-On, a module that creates a unified environment for organizations deploying multiple Content Server instances. Single Sign-On allows users to login once to Content Server and have access to all other configured Content Server servers. The module also provides automatic session timeout capability. "This module eliminates the frustration users experience when they have to log in every time they access data on a different Content Server server." said Syntergy president Tyler Lawton. "Authentication against LDAP is supported which gives customers a low cost alternative to the Directory Services module along with much more functionality.".

Single Sign-On was developed in conjunction with a leading Biotechnology company. The company shares data located in several Content Server servers around the world. Users were frustrated at having to continually login to each server to access information. In addition there was a need to increase security with session timeouts as well as support LDAP and Content Server API customizations.

Single Sign-On is available now. Call 858.459.6356 and ask for a demo or contact Syntergy.

Jul 18, 2001

Syntergy releases Extranet Secure

Syntergy today released version 2.0 of Extranet Secure. Extranet Secure provides additional security for extranet users through automatic starting navigation, limited search and reduced menu selection. This second release builds on custom implementations done for a leading Internet company and a non-profit research and development consortium, both located in North America.

" Since we had developed basically the same product for two customers we decided to package the capability and provide it to the entire Content Server community as a low-cost solution." said Syntergy president Tyler Lawton. "Because of the somewhat complex nature of folder structures and permissions in Content Server, it is something that companies using Content Server in an Extranet environment can really benefit from. We expect Extranet Secure to be well received."

Extranet Secure is available now. Call 858.459.6356 and ask for a demo or contact Syntergy.