News Center 2002

Oct 31, 2002

Syntergy Signs Up as Documentum® Partner

www.syntergy.com, Inc. expands its consulting practice into the Documentum® space by signing up as a partner and securing its first customer. Syntergy has hired consultants and contractors that are experts in the field and provide years of background in this product family.

Jul 5, 2002

Syntergy Announces Product Upgrades for Content Server 9.1

www.syntergy.com, Inc. today announced that all of their key modules have been upgraded to Content Server 9.1. This includes Live-Mail, Bulk Loader, Workflow Publisher, Document Archive, SoftDocs, Single Sign-On, Federated Search and Password along with all other modules.

Customers needing the latest versions of their modules can contact Syntergy or call Martin Black at (561) 483-2020.

May 25, 2002

Syntergy Hires Former Top OpenText® Professional Services Consultant

www.syntergy.com, Inc. today announced the hiring of Greg Mullins, formerly a consultant with OpenText® in the Western region. Greg will work on key accounts across the United States where his expert knowledge of Content Server will help insure successful engagements. "Greg is a great hire for Syntergy." exclaimed Vice-President of Sales Douglas Arthur. "We go to great lengths to hire the highest quality people and Greg certainly fits that criteria. He has been recognized as one of the very best and has a great reputation through out the Content Server community."

Mullins will be involved with the Content Server side of the business, primarily in the Professional Services and sales areas. Syntergy is continuing to hire key technology and sales staff as the demand for their products and services continues to grow. Syntergy provides products, services and training for popular document management technologies to global 2000 companies.

Apr 17, 2002

Syntergy Replication Product Wins Award at Content ServerUp Europe

Syntergy's replication solution, developed for a global consulting customer in Australia, was recognized with an award for Best New Content Server Technology product at Content ServerUp Europe today. "It is great to be recognized by OpenText® especially in such a prestigious category." said Syntergy president Tyler Lawton from Paris, France. "We have always claimed to be the Content Server technology leader so we are very excited the synchronization solution was recognized."

The solution works with Content Server to provide a cost-effective method for supporting a distributed network of Content Server servers with selective replication of data and content. This optimizes the use of bandwidth and IT infrastructure while providing local access at the best possible speed available. It does so while supporting and leveraging all of Livelink's capabilities, thereby providing a truly powerful, globally capable, knowledge management and collaboration tool.

The replication solution has been made a product and is now a module for Content Server. For more information read the Replication Case Study on Syntergy's web site. To request more information or a demo call Martin Black at (561) 483-2020, or contact Syntergy.

Mar 10, 2002

Syntergy to Display Latest Technology at Content ServerUp Europe 2002 in Paris, France

The OpenText® affinity partner announced today it will have an exhibitors booth at Content ServerUp April 14th through 17th. Sales and technical staff will be on hand to demonstrate products and custom solutions designed specifically for Content Server Attendees are encouraged to come by and review the latest products for Content Server including the new release of Live-Mail 2.4, Bulk Loader, and Enhanced Password. New products being displayed include Document Archive, Single Sign-On, Extranet Secure and Live-Pages. Information is available on several new service packages being offered including Version 9 upgrades, deployment assurance, and developer training.

Continuing the tradition of past Content Server conferences, we expect several customers will be demonstrating Syntergy developed solutions at the breakout sessions during the week. Syntergy will be discussing new technologies such as Replication and Synchronization, Dynamic Publishing, Enhanced Workflow and Streamlined Search. For more information and to setup appointments call 858.459.6356 or contact Syntergy.

Mar 1, 2002

Former OpenText Vice-President Douglas Arthur Joins Syntergy

www.syntergy.com, Inc. announced today that Douglas Arthur has joined the company as a Vice-President and Partner. Arthur has been involved with Content Server since it's inception and was an integral member of OpenText for the first eight years. He will be directing an expanding sales force with the specific goal of growing the team to meet the increasing demand for products and services that Syntergy is experiencing world-wide. He will be based at Syntergy's offices in Los Angeles, California.

Arthur has recently completed the build up and sale of a startup company in the Wireless market. "Doug's experience with rapidly growing companies along with his expertise in the Content Server market makes him a perfect fit for Syntergy." said president Tyler Lawton. "He has worked very closely with many of our key people in the past so he has been able to come in and make an immediate impact. Doug gives us the experience we need to grow the sales team so we can keep pace with the demand for our products and services. His extensive experience managing rapid growth environments at multiple companies, including OpenText®, will prove invaluable as we expand.

"Syntergy is exactly the kind of environment where I can put my sales and management expertise to maximum use." said Arthur, "The quality, experience and reputation of the company along with the opportunity to work with a leading Content Server technology company were key factors in my decision to come on-board ."